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Welcome to San Diego`s very own Cash for Junk Cars! We buy cars, trucks, SUV`s, vans, and mini vans. Have a clunker? Maybe you are just looking to upgrade vehicles? We can take that pile of metal off your hands. Start right here, right now - call San Diego Cash for Junk Cars today!

``Where should I start looking to sell my used car?``

Right here! Don`t waste time going from classified to classified looking for interested buyers. They rarely show up to look at your car like they say they will and they can be impossible to get ahold of! We buy cars right here in the San Diego area. We`re quick and painless. Call us today and get a quote today! Don`t worry if your car doesn`t run, we will come to you! Our buyers are motivated and dedicated to making your experience simple and pain-free.

``How does the process work?``

The process is both easy and free. That`s not something you`ll find everywhere. From the beginning, it is our mission to make sure your sell your car and feel good about the process in the end. To start, we will need to ask you a few questions about your vehicle? What is the make, model, year, and condition? These questions allow us to give you a fair quote for your vehicle. Then, we give you a quote and you decide if you want to accept it. There`s no commitment to get your car appraised. Next, we will schedule a time to come to you and pick up the car. Whether it`s at your home, your office, or even on the highway, our technicians are happy to get that car off your hands. They will check out your car. If everything seems to be according to the original description, we will look over the documentation for you car, and we will write you a check. It`s really that simple. If you have questions about your car or documentation, one of our friendly staff or technicians would be happy to walk you through to process personally.

``I`m not really sure what kind of documentation I need.``

Hey, don`t worry about it! If you are unsure about if you documentation is ready to be signed over, please let us know. If you have any questions about your car or paperwork, we can look it over to ensure everything checks out. Our staff is knowledgable and can help you get your paperwork ready, making the selling process even easier!

``What will happen to my car after I sign it over?``

With San Diego Cash for Junk Cars, your vehicle has the opportunity to live a second life. We will go through the old vehicle and look for parts that are still in good condition. The car will be parted and sold. This kind of recycling is not only good for other car owners, but it`s good for the environment. If you car is still in good working condition, we will work with auctioneers and other buyers to find your car a new owner! We believe that every car still has some good in them, so we strive to ensure that everything that is still usable is used. What is not will be disposed of sustainably.

Why should I choose San Diego Cash for Junk Cars?

There`s a long list of reasons why choosing San Diego Cash for Junk Cars is the best option, but we`ll keep it simplified to three main reasons! One, simplicity! Throughout the process, we provide a seamless transition from owner to seller. Two, money! We will give you high offers for your junk cars. No hassle, no gimmicks, just cold hard cash! Three, we are San Diego local! We are out to help the people of San Diego upgrade to nicer newer cars. If you want to sell your nice new car we mainly specialize in buying junk cars, so we might not be the right fit. But, if you do have a nice car for sale you can try using cash for cars here. They're located in San Diego and have many excellent reviews.

``I`m ready to sell! What now?``

Call, call, call! One of our friendly staff is ready to buy your car now. Call (619) 832-0090!