All The Types Of Cars We'll Buy!

``How do your offers work?``

Our offers for the cars we buy are based off four main things: make/model, condition, documentation, and market value. We need to know if the car is drivable, if there is cosmetic damage, what the market value is for the car. We work with auto-recycling specialists, salvage yards, wholesalers, and car salesmen to determine how much your car is worth. These things all help us to assess your car fairly and give you a good quote!

``My car`s in pretty good shape...``

That`s wonderful! We buy gently used vehicles. Maybe you have a couple thousand more miles than you`d like on that bad boy or maybe you`re just looking for some cash to upgrade to a newer vehicle. We`ve got you covered. We offer high prices for gently used cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans Cars in this condition will oftern be sold at auctions or to car salesmen.We take the stress of finding a buyer for this kind of used vehicle off your hands.

``There`s some cosmetic damage...``

We`ve all been there. Hail? That neighbor kid who isn`t very good at baseball? Juice spilled in the back seat? We don`t let those factor deter us from giving you a good quote for your car. We will still buy your car hassle-free! In many cases, these cars may still be auctionable. If not, they will be parted and sold to car owners who need inexpensive parts.

``My car breaks down all the time...``

No worries. There are still other parts of your car that can do a world of good for another owner. We buy these cars and part it, finding the best of what the vehicle has left to offer. We still want to buy your little engine that couldn`t. Just let us know up front the condition of your car and if you have any parts that keep giving out on you. This will help us better assess your car and save us both a lot of trouble when we come to pick it up!

``I`ve been in a major accident...``

No problem! We take cars that have been in major and minor accidents. Why? Because we believe that there is still good in every vehicle. The parts that are still in good shape and the metal can be salvaged. By selling us your beaten up ride, we can ensure those parts be disposed of sustainably, as well as try to give life to your parts.

``My car hasn`t run in years...``

Hey, that`s okay! We will still buy your vehicle. In fact, we`ll come to you to get that pile of metal off your property. Nobody wants unsightly broken-down cars in their yard. Take your space back; sell to us! We can give you cash for your non-working car today!